​March 2020 - In the Recording Studio

What a wonderful few weeks I have had since appearing in ANNA REAY's show at the Custom House. This week saw me in the recording studio recording my first two cover versions and I have to say, it was an exciting experience and the final tracks are awesome. Why not pop over to my music link for a sneak peek or DOWNLOAD them for just £1 each.

​Feb 2020 Interview on Radio Shields

I was approached by the management team at Radio Shields whilst performing at the customs house in South Shields and I was invited to Radio Shields for a chat with presenter George Heron, the interview was brilliant and I was able to tell everyone about my career so far, where I am hoping to be in the future and lots more. You can hear the interview by clicking the link below.

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Feb 2020 New Radio Show

How exciting has February been, so much has happened in such a small space of time, my show with Anna Reay, Meeting up with Radio Shields for my interview and to top it all, I now have my very own radio show that will be co-hosted by my wonderful and very talented mother; Nicky

Tune in each Saturday to hear us talk about show business, theatre and much more, and don't forget those brilliant tunes that we will be playing.

Saturdays, 5pm on Radio Shields